expandable sleeving braided tubing

Thursday, May 06th 2021

(Order Ref - W24)

W24 Two Part Epoxy Adhesive Pre-Coated


  • Operating temperature -75°C to +200°C
  • Can be factory pre-coated into a wide range of heatshrink shapes.
  • W24 is a non-tack gel, and does not need excessive initial heating in order to melt the adhesive.
  • W24 is not susceptible to moisture absorption; delamination from the surface will not take place.
  • W24 does not need to be kept in sealed bags.


  • Handling strength achieved after initial recovery 80% cure. Faster assembly time to fabricate complete loom.
  • Two ways to cure the product:
    1) 24 Hours to green strength, 7 days to fully cured
    2) 1 hour oven cure at 80°C, 7 days to fully cured
  • W24 also flows when the shape is shrunk, enabling the customer to form a smooth bead of adhesive between the tail of the heatshrink shape and jacket.
  • Stored at normal temperatures and away from direct sunlight, W24 adhesive-lined shapes have a five-year shelf life.
  • Ideal for field repairs.
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