We’re brining aerospace and satalite technology to motor sports

Saturday, January 16th 2021

Traveling Light: Whitmor/Wirenetics Introduces Space LT Super Composite

23 May, 2007
Valencia, CA—When you’re trying to shave off 1/10th of a second on the last lap of a Formula One race, a critical part of your winning strategy is to make the race car as light as possible. Even down to the wires.

It’s no secret that the most sophisticated racing harnesses are built to maximize performance while minimizing weight. But there’s always been that pesky problem: the smaller the wire, the more fragile it becomes. And fragile doesn't get invited to spin through 200 laps.

That’s where Whitmor/Wirenetics comes in. A veteran manufacturer of performance wire and cable for the satellite and aerospace industries, Whitmor/Wirenetics is literally bringing highly-sophisticated space technology down to earth—to the motor sport industry.

When you think about it, competing on tracks and waterways certainly have earthly challenges. But when you consider the intense rigors of testing wires for use in do-or-die jet fighter plane missions and the challenge of manufacturing lightweight wires that can perform AND survive the punishing atmosphere of say, space, the application to motor sport racing seems, well, easy.

“It’s a natural fit that Whitmor/Wirenetics now offers Space LT ™ Super Composite Wire to the motor sport racing industry,” said Dwight Van Lake, Director of Marketing. “We may be new to the motor sport industry, but we bring a reputation for innovation and quality because our products have been meeting the stringent requirements of the Aerospace and Satellite industries for more than 45 years,”

So, yes, you can say winning now comes down to the wire.

For more information about putting Space LT ™ Super Composite Wire on your team, contact Whitmor/Wirenetics at 800.822.9473, or visit www.wireandcable.com

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